Established in 1940
Steadfast We Stand
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Welcome to Greenside Primary School

Established in 1940, Greenside Primary School sustains superior educational standards.
Greenside Primary School’s pupils’ excellence in secondary and tertiary education has upheld our reputation as one of the more prestigious public schools in Johannesburg.

Greenside Primary School is committed to a

This mission is to be achieved by:
Creating a caring, safe and happy environment for learners.
Mentoring and developing learners to become creative, balanced, respectful, confident and courageous citizens.
Providing an inclusive support system for each learner.
Ensuring a professional and supportive environment so that teachers may flourish and develop their expertise.
Encouraging parents and learners to be active participants in the development of our school and the broader community.

Our vision for Greenside Primary School is to cultivate a CHILD-CENTRED SCHOOL that nurtures EXCELLENCE and CREATIVITY to inspire the development of FUTURE LEADERS.
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At Greenside Primary School, we seek to develop the following values in our learners:
To show RESPECT towards themselves, others and the environment.
To develop RESPONSIBILITY towards their academic development.
To engender GOOD GROOMING by wearing the school uniform with pride.
To encourage GOOD MANNERS by greeting each other and adults.
To foster the importance of sustainable development with the CONSERVATION of a tidy school environment.
To enrich CREATIVITY and CURIOSITY as learners cultivate their full potential.
To adopt attitudes of CARING, HONESTY, INTEGRITY and COURAGE whilst becoming conscientious citizens.
To cultivate DISCIPLINE in their school accomplishments.
To nurture a sense of AMBITION as they grow towards adulthood.
To value the importance of DEMOCRATIC NEGOTIATION to resolve conflict situations thus preventing a culture of bullying.